Re: Kiwa loop for sale


Before you get rid of it, is it possible that it could be used to tilt-null KSPN, or is being 1 mile away too much to handle?  I was able to use a Select-A-Tenna to null 760-KFMB (7.3 miles away) enough to hear 774-JOUB on Oct. 20 at 6:40am local time, while KFMB was on their 50kW nighttime operation.  Of course it helps that KFMB isn't running IBOC.
So on ebay (according to your post) they're apparently running up to $795 over my budget... but I was wondering about a couple things.  For one, would you think that the two pests 1/3 mile from my grandma's house (23kW 1300-KAZN and 50kW 1430-KMRB, which together desense the PL-380 to 50/00 from about 1200-1500kHz and 49/00 from about 960-1710kHz) would be too much for it to tame?

And when you mention overload... do you mean only intermods, where KSPN is showing up on frequencies where it doesn't belong?  Or, do you mean actual overload like this clip of 760-KFMB (listen after about 0:38 - that's when it switched from day to night operation)?  BTW that was recorded at my house at night with the aid of a Select-A-Tenna and powerline groundwire.  When KFMB is amplified like that, it desenses the PL-380 to 50/00 all the way from 153kHz to around 3MHz or so, at least the first 10-15 harmonics or so are 63+dBu (especially the lowest few on the G8), and the G8's meter gets pegged at 98/25 on 760.  How bad does KSPN desense/overload your PL-310 (or whatever radio it was you have) either barefoot, or with the antenna?

--- In ultralightdx@..., "David R. Alpert" wrote:
> This isn't an easy decision, but I plan to sell my Kiwa MW Air-Core
> Loop My proximity to 50 kW
> 710-KSPN's transmitter site (approximately one mile) results in
> overload and intermod, making it difficult to justify holding on to
> this otherwise amazing antenna.
> The 12.75" loop rotates and tilts (with 3:1 gear reduction) for
> precise nulling, while the regeneration circuit's -6dB antenna
> bandwidth may be adjusted from 15 kHz to less than 2 kHz for razor
> sharp selectivity. It even has dual output amps, providing drive for
> two receivers simultaneously. Much has been written about this
> legendary high performance, long since discontinued, much sought
> after antenna; a Google search leads to just some of it. I bought
> mine new, direct from Craig Siegenthaler, in the mid-1990s for
> $400. I've seen them sell on eBay for as much as $795.
> I thought I'd post it here and see if anyone in the group is
> interested before listing it on eBay. Please contact me off-list
> with any specific questions. I'll do my best to answer, and will
> provide photos on request.

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