Re: Puyallup, WA Ultralight TP's for 11-4


Hi Gary...

I've been noticing a significant gap from the mid 1100s to the mid 1500s or so in your TP DX reports, although I occasionally see something on 1377 or near there reported.  I do recall that you've said local pest 1450-KSUH blasts in at 75/25 on your barefoot PL-380.
When I had reception of 774-JOUB on 10-20, I (as always) had to deal with a pest 14kHz down the dial, 760-KFMB, 7.3 miles distant at heading 320°, which runs 50kW directional (77/25 to 81/25 on the G8 depending on where I am in the house or yard) nighttime and 5kW non-directional (~66/25 to 67/25 on the G8) daytime.  The clip you took out of my 30-minute recording was made after KFMB had switched to their daytime operation.  I took a similar clip from about the same spot out of the original uncompressed recording and uploaded it.
Here's a few clips of 774-JOUB recorded on 10-20, all aided by the Select-A-Tenna carefully nulling 760-KFMB:  at 1345 on PL-380  (760-KFMB was on 5kW daytime operation), 1347 on my Panasonic RQ-SW20  (whose selectivity is probably a little better than the SRF-M37W, but not much, and I suspect the SW20 being a bit less sensitive than the M37W could probably at least almost level the playing field there), and 1340 on the PL-380  (while KFMB was on its 50kW nighttime operation).

Also, it seems that the Select-A-Tenna may be possibly good enough to get something on 594kHz (maybe JOAK?), between 600-KOGO's ~64/25 signal (7.7 miles distant, heading 249°) and its ~42/00 IBOC on 588kHz.  I haven't had the opportunity to check in the last couple weeks (and the last two mornings I slept right through my 1315 alarm and didn't wake up until after 1600), but the last couple times I did check for something on 594, I thought I heard some trace of a carrier (I could hear the soft mute cutting in and out a couple times), but any audio that may have been there was buried too far under the noise to be able to make it out.  I hope tomorrow morning I don't sleep through the alarm (again!) ;)

I've always thought your antennas were supposed to be much better than mine.  Or is it possible that they're much better at high gain on a channel, but not as good at nulling a strong local on a nearby frequency in near the same direction?  If it's possible to get good nulls on your strong locals, I'll be looking forward to reports of TP reception within 20kHz of your strongest locals, and if possible, sandwiched between your strongest IBOC pest's main channel audio and its IBOC carriers.) :)  Or is it getting to be too late in the season for that?  And once TPs start winding down, what should I try for next, if anything?  Of course they will be aided by the Select-A-Tenna (or another external antenna), although I may try barefoot if signals are strong enough - I think I've heard 774-JOUB a couple times barefoot, but I wasn't recording at the time so I have no way to prove it.

Interestingly, early this morning around 0800 to 0900 or so before I drifted off to snoozeland, I tuned around on the PL-380, using the SAT to try to boost a few signals, and heard some split-frequency-like hets on several frequencies, including 972 (which was a fairly strong het even barefoot), and maybe 738, 711, possibly 1053 IIRC and possibly a couple others.  The audio level basically never came up well enough to push through the soft-mute threshold, though, so I don't know if I actually was getting any split-frequency stations.

--- In ultralightdx@..., D1028Gary@... wrote:
> Hello All,
> In a pretty remarkable comeback, what had been a thoroughly mediocre
> band prior to 1420 suddenly came to life with a strong sunrise enhancement
> from 1425-1450, boosting several Asian mainland stations up to their best
> audio of the Fall Season.
> The listening session started of at 1300 with the TP "big guns" at
> their usual anemic level, struggling to produce much audio through the noise
> and domestic splatter. Unusually, there was no mid-session propagation dive
> or boost, and the same collection of Asian regulars (594, 648, 657, 738,
> 747, 774, 972, 1134, 1566 and 1575) were still fading in and out with
> lackluster signals right up until 1420. It appeared that another mediocre
> late-season session was about to wrap up.
> Suddenly, 972-HLCA faded in strongly at 1430, along with a pesky
> Chinese co-channel. 738-BEL2 also rose up to be heard, with audio near its best
> of the season. 639-CNR1 and 675-Vietnam soon followed, with the latter
> having its strongest signal since September. Finally around 1350, the Chinese
> YL speech from 936-Anhui provided that station's best signal of the season.
> The Japanese NHK stations had a moderate signal boost during this period,
> but it was nothing like the weird propagation surge from China.
> Unfortunately it was necessary to wrap things up around 1455 when the Chinese were
> still strong, so there was no chance to check the other notable Mainland
> frequencies like 756, 927, 945, 981, 1035, 1377 and 1593. Maybe one of the SDR
> DXers also noticed the late-session China surge from 1430-1445, when
> reviewing recordings from that period this morning?
> The following were heard on a C.Crane SWP Slider model (7.5"
> loopstick) and stock Tecsun PL-606 DSP model, inductively coupled to a 9' sided PVC
> tuned passive loop (in the back yard). A modified ICF-2010 (30" loopstick)
> was used as an SSB spotting receiver:
> 558 HLQH Daegu, S. Korea Fair-good with music at 1423, // 603
> 594 JOAK Tokyo, Japan Very good with Japanese interview 1444
> 603 HLSA Namyang, S. Korea Good with Korean music at 1424
> 639 CNR1 China Synchros Fair with male-female Chinese speech
> at 1445 during sunrise enhancement; inaudible previously
> 648 VOR Razdolnoye, Russia Good strength Russian music during
> Japanese external program at 1419
> _ (
> 657 Pyongyang BS, N. Korea Fair mumbling Korean tirades at 1418
> 675 VOV Hanoi, Vietnam Fair Vietnamese YL speech during sunrise
> enhancement; best signal since Sept.
> _ (
> 738 BEL2 Penghu, Taiwan Another Chinese station boosted up by
> late session surge around 1446
> _ (
> 747 JOIB Sapporo, Japan Good Japanese talk around 1448
> 774 JOUB Akita, Japan Losing battle with KTTH splatter at 1415
> 828 JOBB Osaka, Japan Fair-good Japanese speech around 1350
> 936 Anhui, China YL speech boosted by late surge at 1450; best
> audio of season (recorded on new PL-606)
> _ (
> 972 HLCA Dangjin, S. Korea Good Korean speech with CC
> co-channel at 1431 _
> (
> 1134 KBS3 Hwaseong, S. Korea Good with Korean speech at 1439
> during late-session surge
> 1566 HLAZ Jeju, S. Korea Fair-good Japanese religious pgm 1341
> 1575 VOA Ban Rassom, Thailand Fair Asiatic language speech 1340
> 73 and Good DX,
> Gary DeBock

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