Puyallup, WA Ultralight TP's for 11-4

Gary DeBock

Hello All,
     In a pretty remarkable comeback, what had been a thoroughly mediocre band prior to 1420 suddenly came to life with a strong sunrise enhancement from 1425-1450, boosting several Asian mainland stations up to their best audio of the Fall Season.
     The listening session started of at 1300 with the TP "big guns" at their usual anemic level, struggling to produce much audio through the noise and domestic splatter. Unusually, there was no mid-session propagation dive or boost, and the same collection of Asian regulars (594, 648, 657, 738, 747, 774, 972, 1134, 1566 and 1575) were still fading in and out with lackluster signals right up until 1420. It appeared that another mediocre late-season session was about to wrap up.
     Suddenly, 972-HLCA faded in strongly at 1430, along with a pesky Chinese co-channel. 738-BEL2 also rose up to be heard, with audio near its best of the season. 639-CNR1 and 675-Vietnam soon followed, with the latter having its strongest signal since September. Finally around 1350, the Chinese YL speech from 936-Anhui provided that station's best signal of the season. The Japanese NHK stations had a moderate signal boost during this period, but it was nothing like the weird propagation surge from China. Unfortunately it was necessary to wrap things up around 1455 when the Chinese were still strong, so there was no chance to check the other notable Mainland frequencies like 756, 927, 945, 981, 1035, 1377 and 1593. Maybe one of the SDR DXers also noticed the late-session China surge from 1430-1445, when reviewing recordings from that period this morning?
     The following were heard on a C.Crane SWP Slider model (7.5" loopstick) and stock Tecsun PL-606 DSP model, inductively coupled to a 9' sided PVC tuned passive loop (in the back yard). A modified ICF-2010 (30" loopstick) was used as an SSB spotting receiver:
558  HLQH  Daegu, S. Korea  Fair-good with music at 1423, // 603
594  JOAK  Tokyo, Japan   Very good with Japanese interview 1444
603  HLSA  Namyang, S. Korea  Good with Korean music at 1424
639  CNR1  China Synchros  Fair with male-female Chinese speech
         at 1445 during sunrise enhancement; inaudible previously 
648  VOR   Razdolnoye, Russia  Good strength Russian music during
         Japanese external program at 1419  http://www.mediafire.com/?agcrhiec28xv94k
657  Pyongyang BS, N. Korea  Fair mumbling Korean tirades at 1418
675  VOV  Hanoi, Vietnam  Fair Vietnamese YL speech during sunrise
         enhancement; best signal since Sept. http://www.mediafire.com/?95600b5t6yqsdu5 
738  BEL2  Penghu, Taiwan  Another Chinese station boosted up by
         late session surge around 1446  http://www.mediafire.com/?ygc4ur2afvrd9k0
747  JOIB  Sapporo, Japan  Good Japanese talk around 1448
774  JOUB  Akita, Japan  Losing battle with KTTH splatter at 1415
828  JOBB  Osaka, Japan Fair-good Japanese speech around 1350
936  Anhui, China  YL speech boosted by late surge at 1450; best 
         audio of season (recorded on new PL-606)  http://www.mediafire.com/?1inc1x8orhma9qn
972  HLCA  Dangjin, S. Korea  Good Korean speech with CC 
         co-channel at 1431 http://www.mediafire.com/?j4o84or486nyxpb
1134  KBS3  Hwaseong, S. Korea  Good with Korean speech at 1439
         during late-session surge
1566  HLAZ  Jeju, S. Korea  Fair-good Japanese religious pgm 1341
1575  VOA  Ban Rassom, Thailand  Fair Asiatic language speech 1340
73 and Good DX,
Gary DeBock

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