Question about "eligible stations"

George Keller

Hi all,

I've got what may be a stupid question, but here goes anyway.

When counting logged stations for credit toward various milestones,
like 100 stations, 20 states, etc., do local stations count? I live
in northern NJ, near NYC, so there are a bunch of locals that are no
challenge to log. I would think that they count, but I'm not sure.

I started BCB DXing back in the early 1960s with a National NC-60
5-tube AM/SW radio. I laid off for many years and only got back into
it last year, when a friend in my ham club mentioned the fun he was
having with a Grundig 300. I bought one at RatShack and had a ball
for a few weeks listening around the eastern states and Canada,
logging stations out of habit. I came across this group a few
weeks ago and it piqued my interest in some serious Ultralight DXing.

Last week I bought a Sangean DT-200VX from Amazon for $50. This thing
is truly amazing, and I'm hooked on Ultralights! I've been doing some
casual listening with it (and logging as I go) and I started counting
up the logs from the two tiny radios and realized that I have over 40
without really trying (and without any locals). I think that I'll be
aiming for a 100 pretty soon.


George W2GEK

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