New stations 11/3/10


Hi everybody,

Conditions have been fair to good the past few days. I have been camped out on frequencies which could bring in new states. Nothing new yet but in the process I did record a few regional stations for the master log.
Below are my loggings:
The receiver is a Tecsun PL-380 and all station ID's are recorded on a Sony recorder. The times are CDST.

930 2300 WTAD Quincy IL. "On talk radio 930 Quincy"

920 0605 WBAA West Lafayette IN. "This is WBAA"

710 0831 WDSM Superior WI. "This is WDSM with your election day weather"

1100 1830 KDRY Alamo Heights TX. "... for DRY AM 1130"
580 1851 WTCM Traverse City MI. "Weekdays at noon on news talk WTCM"

790 0433 WSGW Saginaw MI. "This is WSGW 790 AM"
1140 0645 WBXR Hazel Green AL. "WBXR"

The recent discussion about tilting and nulling was great. It works! I tried it on 790 kHz which has severe splatter from local WBBM. I tilted the PL-380 in the best null I could get and in popped WSGW Saginaw MI. Thanks guys!

Totals now are 241 stations, 33 states, 5 Canadian provinces and 4 countries.

Lake Villa, IL

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