Low RF power at a fair distance.

Michael Evans - Mike MBR <michaelrae65@...>

Hi Guys re my low RF power posting and those PINGS, first the pings the guys has a PC programme so no waiting he just listens to the play back and has the dates thing is his logs are long and very boring as you might imagine.
Next 250mW, I had at one time a Josee kit a ready made postage size stamp MW BC TX I put it to a 270 foot long wire between two tower blocks at 20 floors high, it was powered from a 9 volt battery and as the 9 volts want down so the frequency drifted 1.352.5 1.360 anyway I lived by a railway, re rail lines and there was a metal fence that ran many yards.
I ran a live show and stupid as it was gave out a phone number, I got a call from a guy in his car at 12 miles away he said don't say where you are I am not the RI DTI GPO FCC but I am going to DFing, you {brown pants time} after a while he turned up, so where is this TX then he said over there I said on the window sill "wow" and that is what I was hearing, sure is I said and he played back a cassette tape I was impressed, all I can think is the signal was travelling around the rail lines and the fencing, those were the days, so yes 250mW can get out as long as you have height and a few railway lines and about 300 yards of fenching LOL. Mike MBR UK.

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