Re: Bit OT: Why nulls improve with tilting?


I have wondered the same thing. The only thing I could think of, is that by tilting a loop antenna, you are narrowing the beam. The figure 8 pattern is as viewed from above in 2 dimensions, but it is actually a cone in each direction and by tilting, you are using a narrower section of the cone. That is just my guess. I hope some one who really knows will chime in and tell us. - FARMERIK

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Hello all!

Stephen posted a few hours ago a note on something I always wondered the
reason: tilting the antenna does improve nulls of groundwaves. I can't
think on an good explanation why this happens :)

As all MF stations use vertical irradiators, I think no tilting would be
needed to null the station completely, specially when tuning groundwaves.

But this is not the case. Most of the time, the local stations need some
tilt to null it out. Only when I hear not-so-local stations (say some
20mi/30km away), tilting is not needed anymore.

Would you guys guide me why we need tilting on groudwave MF?

Thanks a lot!


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