Recent Loggings - Good DX Conditions

Kirk Allen <kirk74601@...>

I certainly have to agree with Rob Ross about last night and this
morning. It seemed like conditions were very good. I haven't logged
this many new stations in a long time in an 8 hour session. Very
motivating for me.

1420, KTOE, Mankato, MN. Faded up just long enough to catch an ID @
0606 UT. I was very lucky on this one.

1470, WVOL, Berry Hill, TN. Playing EZL urban vocal mx. ID 0635 UT.

1420, WLET, Toccoa, GA. ID 0700 UT in a brief null from KBTN, Neosho,
MO, which was the strongest station here. Listed 65 watts night power.

1420, KPOC, Pocahantas. AR. Clear ID @0815 UT. Listed 118 watts night
power. Many stations were up and down on this freq this morning.
Extremely lucky to catch ID's of the three I logged here on 1420.

1330, WVHI, Evansville, IN. Very nice and clear ID at 0900 UT.
Religious pgm'g, "Insight for Living." 1kw night power.

1350, KCHR, Charleston, MO. C&W mx w/ID hrd around 0915 UT. MANY
other stations on this freq just fighting like crazy to be the
dominant one.

1540, KZMP, University Park, TX. Programming in SP with many "La
Ranchera" slogans thrown in between songs. Full ID at 1200 UT.

620, KTAR, Phoenix, AZ. 2 stations here just trading places for
dominance. KTAR was running one very long infomercial just like the
stuff on TV that can bore the pants off of one and all...yawn. I got
lucky at 1231 UT, this sta faded up nicely just in time to catch
their full ID. I don't normally have this kind of "luck."

660, CFFR, Calgary, Manitoba. Very nice copy of this one from 1236-
1255 UT. Local programming with traffic report and local weather.
Many ments of Calgary. VG signal.

I certainly can't do those marathon listening sessions all the time,
but while conditions seemed to be ripe, I just couldn't pry myself
away for very long. This is all John Bryant's fault, ha ha ha. Yip,
he's a motivator alright! Thanks, John!!
Take care guys and great DX at ya!

Kirk Allen
JRC NRD-515, Eton E-100, Sony SRF-59
Ponca City, OK

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