Re: Newfoundland Ultralight Trans-Atlantics Report Nov 1

Peter 1956

Hi Allen and all,

I listened last night on 1179 from my location in Blackpool, England.

I caught an ID of "Cadena SER" - audible on the following clip:
which was probably Valencia (50kW). (Several Cadena SER freqs earlier had a parallel commentary of Valencia v Rangers UEFA Champions' League). The other station was Deutsche Welle, I heard an ID during an earlier English segment, which had included a talk about relations between Russia and the USA in American English. I also heard a French segment. The video has a German News bulletin (22:00 UTC). I can't find this listed, although there is a listed 10kW transmitter in Germany, this is down as relaying RFI not Deutsche Welle. Comments anyone?

Both of these stations were caught on my barefoot Sony SRF-59, Eton G8 and Sangean ATS-909 (The latter two radios are in the video)

Peter, Blackpool UK

An interesting frequency in the logs now is 1179 khz as Radio Sweden often heard here prior has shut down on that outlet. Spanish
songs ,Blue Seude Shoes

1179 khz – Unidentified 20:17 UT/1 Unknown language (News clips in English)
1179 khz – Unidentified 19:47 UT/1 Spanish by 2 men and a woman (presumed SER Valencia possibly )

Good DX to All

Allen Willie
St. John's, Newfoundland

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