Re: Ultralight DX ..Early Morning Loggings....GREAT CONDITIONS....5 NEW ONES!!!!

Kirk Allen <kirk74601@...>

WOW, Great job, Rob! You're pulling stations out of the ether just
like all you HEAVY-hitters are doing! I'll post some of the stations
I was able to ID last night and this morning under a separate
posting. Great going John C., Allen W., and everyone that is
undertaking what I would think to be quite an arduous task of logging
300 stations in 30 days!! Welcome,Greg,to this group. We're all
pretty laid back here, and I'd bet you'll never regret getting into
this facet of the radio hobby. It's revitalized a lot of us old guys
out here, ha ha. Great DX to You All.
Kirk Allen
JRC NRD-515, Eton-E100, Sony SRF-59
Ponca City, OK

HI Guys:

Great Conditions through the Night..and at Sunrise today.
Logged 5 NEW
STATIONS for the ULTRALIGHT LOG.....3 of which are NEW to the
Seemed to be lots of Little Stations popping up behind the Big Guys
morning....and of course using the SONY SRF-T615 with great Nulling
capabilities...I was able to separate the Little guys from the Big

Been a while since I logged 5 New Ones in that short of a time

ULR LOG TOTALS are now........................514 STATIONS HEARD

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