BOG antenna on PL-360 v.s. stock PL-310-FARMERIK


This is just a preliminary comparison. The '310 has a better reputation for receiving AM stations than a '360 when only the supplied stock antennas are used. The '360's ferrite rod is external and plugs in via an 1/8th inch telephone jack, making it easy to connect external antennas and bypass any internal ferrite rod without cutting into the insides of the radio. When I connected the '360 directly to several wire or large loop antennas in the past, it picked up SW broadcast stations when the radio was tuned to LW and the lower parts of the AM BCB.

Today I had help to run 500 feet of wire on top of the ground.[BOG=Beverage On Ground Antenna] A suitable matching transformer is on its way, but not used in this test. I connected only the long wire to the '360's phone plug tip connection. It seemed to work very well on AM. On LW there were stations I have never heard before, but some sounded like images of SW broadcasters. I will have to sort that out another day.

Both these radios have a 4 digit [RSSI] read out. The first 2 digits are Signal strength, and the second 2 are Signal to noise ratio. In both cases, higher is better, but the last 2 digits are better indicators of a listen able station in my opinion.

The first number will be the frequency in KHz
next will be the figures from the readout on the PL-360 connected to the BOG
the last will be the same figures from the PL-310 without an external antenna

540 xxx 1709 xxx 2400
550 xxx 2418 xxx 2100
560 xxx 3225 xxx 2903
570 xxx 2010 xxx 2702
580 xxx 2320 xxx 1800
710 xxx 1812 xxx 2300
730 xxx 1919 xxx 2500
740 xxx 1512 xxx 2700
770 xxx 1514 xxx 1800
800 xxx 2113 xxx 1801
1500 xxx 2417 xxx 4207
1510 xxx 2222 xxx 3307
1520 xxx 2920 xxx 4107
1530 xxx 1610 xxx 1900
1540 xxx 3425 xxx 3106

This test was done 1 to 2 hours after local sunset. I skipped frequencies on which I could not hear an easy to understand signal on the PL-360. Often nothing could be understood on the PL-310. As you can see, there are 3 groups of 5 stations in different parts of the AM BCB.

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