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robert ross

On 01/11/2010 1:55 AM, farmerik wrote:

I have always felt I am a welcome guest in this group. Many very knowledgeable members have very patiently answered my questions and pointing me in the right direction. As a guest, I never complain about my hosts furniture or the food offered. There has been little or no change in the rules about ULR's since I have been here, and even if there had been, it would have been done by the hosts who work very hard to run this group. - FARMERIK

Hi Farmerik..........Very insightful thoughts and you definitely have the right attitude to enjoy this group!! As a member of the ULR Group from the Start, I think I can say that a a lot of Thought and Organization went into making this group one of the best on the net!! Gary Debock, John Bryant and the other founders of this group worked very hard to define what we are all about. No group can be everything to everyone, and the ULR  group is no different. The core of this group when it was founded was a diverse group of "Experienced and Seasoned Dx'ers" who had become somewhat discouraged with the then current state of the AM DX Hobby. The forming of the ULR Group "Rejuvenated" not only these Dxers....but the Hobby itself!! No Hobby or Group can grow and nurture without a constant influx of New People, and for that reason the ULR Group welcomes everyone to the group .....Old, New or otherwise. Gary and other folks have tried to explain.......the ULR Group is what it is "Because" of the definitions...if we change them to suit everyone's needs.......eventually we'll all be DXing with our Mega Buck Communications Receivers again...the very ones this group was formed to get us away from.

Nobody here would join the DRAKE List...and then Complain that we weren't talking about COLLINS Rigs....right???

This group is really about one thing when you get right down to it.......DXing and Logging Stations. We can mod our ULRs to death.....or spend our whole life swearing to use nothing but a STOCK Sony SRF-59...the bottom line is.....if we don't LOG STATIONS and do some DXing........we're missing something vital to the DX Hobby!!

If you want to DX with Modded Receivers that meet the Criteria of the UNLIMITED CLASS ULR that is cool. If you wanna be a purist and DX only with Stock ULRs.....that is cool too!!

So.......lets all make an effort to do some DXing....see what amazing DX can actually be heard with these Crazy Little Radios....and send your logs to the Group for everyone to enjoy and marvel at!!

We can beat the dead horse til it comes back to life.......but the end result is......ULR is ULR 2 different Flavours....Barefoot and Unlimited...and I really can't see that changing unless we do like Gary says and change the name to Middleweights or or something else equally sublime...and I can't see that happening anytime soon.

Remember if you ain't having FUN......something isn't working....and I can say that I've been having a Ball with ULRs since Dec. of 2007.

Your mileage may vary......

73.......ROB VA3SW (ULR DXer, ULR Awards Committee Member....and a Satisfied Customer!!)

Robert S. Ross
London, Ontario CANADA

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