Re: Isn't radio about hearing a station

Brian Miller

Seriously? I am a newbie so I barely comprehend what in the het is going on here.

One thing I was encouraged by since I became a member here was the lack of complaining and/or arguing that existed within ultralight dx group.
Radio is about whatever you want it to be about. Like any other thing, it is mostly subjective and up to the listener/DX'er as far as what it is "about" for them.

There have been other posts by a couple of other members lately that contain whining about the definitions of a ULR, using external antennas, why DSP radios are lame, and other general crying. How sad to my thinking.

Again, as a newb, the thing I like about this board is that it contains tons of useful information for beginners and veterans alike. If you don't like the definitions determined by the moderators as to what is or isn't a ULR, start your own user groups.

B Miller

Berkley MI USA

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With all the talk of logging hets - Gosh I thought radio was all about hearing a station- actual voices or music. Now we have contests that count the detection of just a carrier? So a giant antenna, heavily modified ULR, no audio heard ... and that is an achievement ?

How sad to my thinking.

Neil Bell

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