Re: Any ideas who this is, on 1710 khz 0500-0600 utc,



I also hear Spanish on 1710. Constant music but once in a while a girl comes on and says something in Spanish. It is faint on my PL-380 here in Lake Villa (North of Chicago).

One day I was out driving and I tuned the car radio to 1710 and heard the same Spanish music. But this time it was about 9 AM and the signal was stronger. I drove about 5 miles into the city of Waukegan and the signal got much stronger - the strength of a local station.

The point here is that I believe that this station is a low power transmitter run by a local organization (church?). It may be legal as I see low power AM transmitting kits (1 watt or less) on the internet.

A few days ago I heard another low power transmission on 1710 kHz. This time in English and broadcasting an old time radio drama. I followed the signal in my car and located it in Antioch IL. They had a legal ID on the TOH ("This is WEDM the Antioch broadcasting network").

Perhaps your signal is a similar low power quasi-legal station and you are receiving it at a time which allows for longer distance reception.

My suggestion is that you also drive around and see if the station comes in stronger.

Ed Semrad
Lake Villa IL

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A Spanish language pirate was reported on 1710 in the Hartford, CT area.

One or more pirates in Haitian Creole (Africanized French) are in the Boston-Brockton, MA area.

In New York City, there is (or was) the Lubavitscher Jewish pirate with English, Hebrew, and Yiddish.

I think that there are numerous pirates around the Miami, FL area also. On a clear channel like 1710, even 5 or 10 watts can get out. Some of these stations are running more than that.

Mark Connelly, WA1ION
Billerica, MA + South Yarmouth, MA, USA

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I've heard Spanish music on 1710 kHz the past two nights between 0500 and 0600
Utc (1:00am 2:00am Eastern). Nothing sounding like regular commercials,
just music. Heard from Rochester, NY

Just out of noise floor on the Tecsun PL310, a little better on the Eton E1 but not much.

The only listing I find is a station in Argentina, but I'm skeptical on this being them - perhaps it's a pirate?

Anyone got the skinny on who's on 1710khz?

Gregory Mosher

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