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Hello. I recently joined this group and have been sitting back reading the posts trying to learn what it all about. The current discussion on what radio's are or should be allowed is very interesting. The very fact it is taking place and the civil manner it has been conducted convinces me this is an outstanding group.
Years ago I spent a lot of time with my radios listening to whatever distant signal could be heard then life got complicated and there was no time for radio. Now there is time again and I'm interested in picking up radio dxing again. Never have been a technical person (no ham license) so my dxing will be done bareback. The modifications done by the group sound fascinating however if I were to attempt them would just be creating expense bricks.
My intention is to have fun with the radio hobby not to enter contests. Hope to learn a lot from this group and should I discover something interesting surly would share that with the group.
CCrane SWP – Grundig G8

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