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Hi Everyone,

I just joined this group thanks to info from my old friend, John Bryant. I'm very new to this aspect of MW DX'ing. Also tnx to John, I'm using an SRF-59. Due to time constraints during the night and early mornings, I've only just begun, but looking forward to many more hours of fun with this. I'm an old (literally)  DX'er starting in the early 1980's but mainly on the HF bands. I've not heard any station that's considered outstanding yet. Have only hrd one XE that I could ID on 850 kHz-XEM, R. Exitos, but have heard a few domestic stations that I  don't believe I've ever logged before (but my memory for MW is rather faint.) I intend on finding a comprehensive listing of MW stations asap. Any suggestions? Greeting to all and 73!

Kirk Allen


Ponca City, OK



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