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Gary DeBock

Hello All,
For those unaware of the fact, since the beginning of the Ultralight enthusiast group in late 2007, there have been two very distinct categories for Ultralight radio award and contest purposes-- "Barefoot" and "Unlimited." Those who are not technically inclined (or who are not enthused with filter modifications, or external antennas) certainly have the option of competing in the Barefoot Class, where modifications of any kind are forbidden. Nobody in the Ultralightdx group is competing in the Unlimited Class unless they choose to do so, and many of the technical modifications and antenna designs developed in our group become popular among the general AM-DXing hobbyists.
The Ultralight definitions have been tested and accepted for almost three years, and have proven extremely popular in consideration of the Yahoo group's booming growth rate. Those who are not enthused about the definitions are welcome to express their opinions, but frankly, the Ultralight definitions are what gives our niche group its separate identity, which has proven to be extremely popular. Those who cannot accept the definitions are certainly welcome to form their own Yahoo groups and organize "middleweight" or "Ultralight SSB" Yahoo groups, in which case I'm sure that the Ultralightdx group will continue to survive and thrive. We wish to be welcoming and inclusive of those DXers with diverse opinions, but frankly the definitions are central to the group's identity, and are unlikely to change.
73 and Good DX,
Gary DeBock
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Hi Paul/all:

I agree - when you change the antenna, filtering, etc., you have a different radio. Many cannot leave well enough alone and (like me) choose to add or augment with filters, antennas and other gear. For purposes of daily reception posts here on the Group, I think there is generally a mix of DXers using both stock and modified equipment, and folks are pretty good about mentioning what equipment they're using.

A clear distinction is made, however, for purposes of records and contests, where there are two categories: stock/barefoot and unlimited (the latter encompassing all the modifications/augmentations that DXers do to/for their receivers). The distinction between stock and unlimited does not get talked about much since new records are much less frequent than before, and the contests that John Bryant so ably ran have unfortunately not yet recommenced. For the unlimited class, though, the basic receiver has to have started out in life as an approved ULR - after that, it's a tinkerer's paradise.

Thanks - Kevin S

> However, Kevin, et al, the group allows internal hacking of the parts ie: replacement of filters, which should be an absolute no-no. Adding an antenna jack where none is provided, NO. Hacking = disqualify.
> On the other hand, aligning the AM antenna coil is OK because one does not replace/remove a part(s). This is simply optimization due to poor QC on the manufacturer's part. For example my PL-200 and R-911 would benefit from adjusting (moving) the coil and re-tuning the trimmer. My PL-210 and PL-310 do not need that adjustment.
> Paul S. in CT

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