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True, but the rules seem to allow use of an unlimited spotter set to detect hets, which then directs the dxer to check them out on the ulr...

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Hi all:

The reason we ultimately decided not to allow SSB in the ULR definitions was that, even if it was not sideband selectable, it can be used to detect heterodynes, especially on 9 khz-spaced signals (from this side of the pond) that regular AM radios cannot; having spent some time at the beach with the PL-310 and PL-380, I can attest that it would have been a definite advantage. Also, a stable BFO can provide a usable carrier for increased readability with weak or fluttering signals.

For all of the criteria (size, price, availability, function, etc.) we strove to create categories that allowed many radios in but cut the technology level and other features off at a certain point to increase the challenge of DXing with very basic gear. Sorry to see that this is a sensitive issue for some.

Hope this helps - Kevin S
Bainbridge Island, WA

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> I'm sympathetic to the Grundig G6 being considered as an ulr. The ssb mode does not unfairly give a user an unfair advantage as it lacks upper and lower ssb choice. As such, it offers no advantage in my eyes, and I never use it on mw. The G6's most useful attribute to me is it's great selectivity, and it's response to a TERK...daytime is quite excellent with a TERK although the G6 is quite repectable below about 12 or 1300  KHz on mw. Even so, since the 310, 360, 380 Tescuns are "in" with there 1,2,3,4,6 KHz filters, it seems to beg the question of playing on a level playing field...perhaps the 20 in^3 threshold along with whatever is contained within those 20in^3, and costs $100 or less new should be the defining guidelines for what constitutes a legal STOCK ulr (if some mfg company produces something that has sync, upper, lower ssb, twin coils, whatever stock at 20 in^3 for $100, it's in). Other classes could allow for mods or for higher cost sets,
> and for larger sized portalbes.
> Heatwave

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