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Sorry to see you go; if you are able to read this, perhaps give your decision to exit another day or 2 of consideration.

The rules are important to maintain a level playing field of challenge. IMHO, the rules are fair, reasonable and maintain the "handicap" that makes Ultralight DX'ing fun and maintain the challenge. A bit like shooting sub-gauge in sporting clays.

I have a Grundig G-6 that I like a lot. Nice radio but, unfortunately, it does not qualify in the Ultra-light arena.

Suggest you enjoy your G3, another nice radio and then find a radio that does meet the Ultralight guidelines and stick with it. Ok, so you have another $50 radio in your "stable." More radioz is good, yes?

Chuck Rippel
Chesapeake, VA

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You know something, I got a friend that just bought a new Grundig G-3 LW/AM/FM/SW/AIR band radio with SSB, same as the PL-310, and according to what i am reading here it does NOT quilify as one of these radio you speak of simply because it has SSB, the thing is LESS then 20square inchs as you clearly state in the rules, guess the same is for the old Grundig YB-500 i just got on a trade friday night! oh well folks, guess i must have walked in the wrong door or something....

Well from what i just read, im outta here folks. take care and good dx.

been a short stay, but this certinally is not for me!

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