3 new ones last night

Allen Willie

Hi Guys,
First time at the radio last night for any considerable length,  this past week with family matters etc.
Managed to log 3 new ones  for the ULR and overall log as follows:
531 khz - Musigwalle , Beromunster Switzerland  10/18/08  3:21 UTC w/ folk and instrumental nusic, german commentary (This one will shutdown on Dec 28/08) so glad I caught it before it does)
1125 khz - VivaCite' RTBF Charleroi, Belgium   10/18/08  3:02 UTC  w/ woman reading news in French , pop songs by Four Tops, talk on economy, french song
1690 khz - CJLO  Montreal,, Quebec  10/18/08  3:46 UTC  w/ show promo, rock music , Legal ID
570 WMCA New York, NY  10/18/08  3:35 UTC  w/ religious programming, ID (Only 2nd time to hear this one as 560 local used to cover up, may hear more often now as 560 silent now)
Allen Willie
St. John's, Newfoundland
SRF-M37V barefoot

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