300-in-30 Days Challenge, Day 9

John Cereghin <pastor@...>

Not as much time to DX yesterday (had the day off and went to Maryland
for most of Friday), but two new ULs at sunrise:

580 WTAG Worcester MA, 0630, area wx, ads for the "Freemasons of
Massachusetts" open house this weekend

580 WTCW Whitesburg, KY 0650, classic country mx, ID. A surprise!

Both stations are also new ones overall.

France-1377 was being reported last night. I had weak audio on the
FRG-7 but could get it on the UL.

After 9 days, I'm now up to 220 stations, with 24 new stations for the
UL log and 10 new stations overall. I am now at 371 stations for the
UL log overall.

So far, one of the benefits of the Challenge is being able to add
quite a few new stations to your logs through a more concentrated and
targeted listening effort.

While the DT-200VX may not be the top-rated UL unit, it is performing
quite nicely so far, as I am using it for most of the Challenge. It's
seems a bit deaf on the lower band, but it has pulled in 4 really nice
catches over the last two days, including Mississippi on 940, which
was a total surprise!

John Cereghin
Smyrna DE

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