Re: 300-in-30 Day Challenge, Day 8

Gary DeBock

Hi John,
     Congratulations on your success so far, in the 300-in-30 Day Challenge.  You certainly are making a serious effort, and having exciting results.  217 stations in 8 days makes all of us feel inspired.
     Unfortunately, here on the west coast, the odds are stacked against anyone trying the 300-in 30 Day Challenge.  Sunset skip is pretty meager.  Sunrise isn't much better.  Someone trying the Challenge would probably end up mentally Challenged.  Trying for new states usually produces a State of failure.  New countries?  About as profitable as Countrywide Mortgage.  We just can't compete in much of anything except the Ultralight distance records, where we dominate (maybe some compensation for everything else?)
     73,  Gary DeBock

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