Re: Finally Logged Station #200

robert ross

At 11:10 AM 10/17/2008, Kirk Allen wrote:

After not really getting very serious about Ultralight listening until
August, I did finally manage to scrounge up station #200 this morning.
It was KWAM, Memphis, TN on 990 khz. ID at 1059 UTC. As a bonus, at
1206 UTC this morning, managed to ID (it was easy...BIG signal here)
XEMR, Monterrey on 1140 for station #201. Okay, it's on to 300 now.
Atta Boy Kirk.....We'll make a Master ULR DX'er outta you yet!!!!! Ain't
this just a Bag of Fun. All the Old Grumps who think we're just a bunch of
Nuts sure don't know what they're missing. I wish I woulda started DXing
with these things back in the 70's.....I'd have 1,000's logged by now!!

yes Guy, you're right. It was John's handiwork that came up with the
spectrum logs. I'd not thought of them in a very long time.

That Bryant Guy sure has done a lot of good things for the Listening Hobby
eh???? Aside from his own efforts...he has a way of making others "Get
Involved" for the betterment of the Hobby as well!!! I think he would be a
Good Motivational Speaker....John maybe you can travel around with Tony
What's his Nuts and do the circuit!!! AHHAHA.....

Sometimes I
really miss the Fine Tuning days when I had the opportunity of co-
editing with Dave Valko, Mitch Sams, and Larry Yamron. Man, that was
was back in the hay days of SW DX'ing! We all had an awful lot of fun
back then, no doubt about it. Just the other day I ran across a group
picture of all of us crazy DX'ers from the NU/FT vention in
Reynoldsburgh, OH in the summer of 1987. John, I'm going to scan this
photo and send it up your way. You may not have seen that one in quite
a while. Gee, we were just a little younger back then, hi hi. Take care.

Hey Kirk........I really miss those days too....being a member of both NU
and Fine Tuning for many years......I think it's kinda funny to see all you
Ol' Boys showing up here on the ULR Pages!! (And me too! HAHHHHA). All
those years tuning the Shortwave Bands with Mega Dollar Communications
Receivers and Thousands of feet of wire....and here we all are now twirling
little plastic Radios around in our hands....trying to break the 15,000
kilometer mark for stations heard on an Ultralight!! I remember spending a
few COLD Nights up in Dave Clark's DX Barn in Newmarket, Ontario with Dave
and Cedric Marshall...hey there's a couple of Names that should bring back
memories!! HAHA.....I can't imagine trying to ULR DX up there in those days
though..I think my Fingers would be frozen off twirling the ULR's in the
Sub-Frozen climes of the DX Barn!! Man....we sure did hear a lot of Nice
stuff up there though..........

Unfortunately...I never was able to get to any of the NU/FT Ventions in Reynoldsburg.......sure wish I woulda now. It would be nice to put faces to
all those names!! Harold Sellers always tried to get me to go with him..but
the timing was never right for my Holidays and stuff. Not to mention my
wife worked shifts....and I had a young boy to look after back then. He's
now in his 6th year of I guess I would be able to go
now.....but those days are long gone sadly!!

Hey.....I'd like to see that Photo too if you can...please shoot a
copy off to me as well....I'm sure I'll know a lot of those Boys!!

Thanks for the Nostalgia trip Kirk........and ain't it funny how everything
goes full circle???!!


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