Re: Furthest daytime DX on ULR?

Carl DeWhitt

There are more states within shorter distances here in east Tennessee.So I should be able to hear at least 6 or 7 during daytime conditions this winter although the distances I will hear will probably be much shorter than when I was in Oklahoma.The ground wave reception here is not as great.
Carl DeWhitt

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Thus far, WGN 720, Chicago IL (1023km/636mi) is the furthest station I've heard with an ULR. It was audible, but only partially readable, at lunchtime today. The station is heard occasionally from October into March.

In a time long, long ago - that is before URL'S - I logged CBK 540, Watrous SK (1815km/1128mi) and WJR 760, Detroit MI (1381km/858mi) at mid-day during the winter. The reception of WJR resulted in a QSL card. It's no longer possible since the FCC allowed the band to become cluttered with signals.

The most distance station heard on a daily basis is KLTT 670, Commerce City CO (750km/466mi). Others are KWMT 540, Ft. Dodge IA (734km/456mi) and WNAX 570 Yankton SD (726km/451mi). It's normally possible to hear stations in nine states at mid-day.

I imagine those listening along the coasts can hear stations at far greater distances. I read reports of some amazing distances.


Richard Allen
36°22'51"N / 97°26'35"W
(near Perry OK USA)

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