Re: 300-in-30 Day Challenge, Day 8

robert ross

At 07:45 AM 10/17/2008, JOHN CEREGHIN wrote:

Totals for the challenge- 217 UL stations in 8 days.

So far, I've added 22 new stations to my UL log, 8 new stations to my
overall log, 2 new countries to my UL log and 1 new country to my
overall log. It has been quite profitable so far!

John Cereghin
Smyrna DE

John...Good work on all the new stations you're picking off while taking
part in the 300 Station Challenge. I found the same thing....I managed to
log a pile of New Ones while looking for 300 to fill the ULR Log. Since I
started ULR DXing last January....I have logged Over 150 NEW Ones for the
OVERALL LOG!!! It has been Years since I logged 150 New Stations to the
Overall Log in the same year!! So....aside from all the FUN we are having
with the ULR's....we are bagging a lot of NEW Stations for the Overall Logs
as well.......How on earth can a person have this much Fun with 2 Penlight
Batteries!! HAAHHAHHA.....

So you're at 217 Now.....after only 8 Days. You still have lots of time
left......even though things start getting a little harder after you get
the first 200. I'm sure you've noticed the difference between having 100 in
the log..and having 200 in the log???

I'm sure you will find the remaining 83 stations before the 30 days
expires......and I look forward to checking your logs for approval for the
30 Day Challenge Award!! Good Luck John......


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