Amazed at the sensitivity/nulling of the SRF-M37W! Got it whean my Sangean 400VX went kapoot. Only downer is no sleep timer.
At night, when daytimers reduce power, the set is outstanding. Last night from Laredo, TX, I listened to KNX Los Angeles. KNBR, San Francisco came in in thenull of KKYX San Antonio. More amazing was KCBS San Francisco in the null of KTRH Houston. KTRH is hard to null out on most radios. Tonight in the parking lot at work, KOGT in Orange TX, 1KW 1600 KHz came in well. They are 391 air miles away. I got 1300 KVET Austin, 223 miles away in the null of our admitedly weak 80 W nighttime local also on 1300!
During the day, the locals degrade a wide portion of the upper part of the dial...I hear the 1490 KHz local all the way up to 1660!

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