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John H. Bryant <bjohnorcas@...>

Twenty years ago, several of us doing Tropical Band work developed a Spectrum Log format that we found enormously useful.  Rather than, or along with keeping traditional chronological log books, we had forms that gave us several bland lines for each 5 kHz. channel within the bands. We'd make short notations at to the stations we heard on that channel... or even notations of stations to watch for and we'd split the notes into morning and evening notes... since the part of the world available at each prime time varied so much.  The Spectrum Log was so useful that I completely abandoned the chronological log book in my hobby work. 

On DXpeditions and for reception reports, I still take detailed chronological notes, and of course, in Ultralighting I keep a database (I use Access) of all stations heard, with details.

However, the "brains" of my MW efforts are two Spectrum Log forms that I keep in front of me all of the time.  The first form (titled "UL Spectrum Log" in the Ultralight Files area of dxer.ca) is a 25 page Spectrum Log Book that allocates about 5 or 6 blank lines to each 10 kHz. channel of domestic MW. There are 5 channels per page....... say from 800 kHz through 840 kHz on one page.... and there are AM and PM marks at the top and bottom of the page.  I fill this form out with notes IN PENCIL as I DX and one form usually lasts three or four years before it becomes so ratty that I start over.... The AM and PM marks (actually only the PM marks) are to use as guides to draw a vertical line down the sheet to create AM and PM portions of each channel area... if you so wish.

The second form (titled "Abbreviated....."  in the UL files area may be even more useful.  It allocates only one line to each 10 kHz. channel and is only 2-plus pages long.  I use this form for frequency-order Hit Lists and... in contests and on DXpeditions... to record the stations heard in frequency order, just by name or call.... this latter use is partly to generate a running Stations Heard List, but it serves VERY WELL as a list to prevent me spending valuable time doing a redundant logging.... something that I've done far too often when deprived of sleep or when really in a hurry. 

Virtually everyone has their own favorite system of recording information.... and these days, it is most often computer-based. However, with many Ultralight situations forcing us to turn the computers off, this old fashioned PENCIL-based system might just prove useful to some of you.  I hope!


John B.
Orcas Island, WA, USA
Rcvrs: WiNRADiO 313e, Eton e1, Ultralights
Antennas: Wellbrook Phased Array SE/NW
Two 70' x 100' Conti Super Loops, West and Northwest

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