Oklahoma DX 10-20-10


Medium wave DX was somewhat different here overnight. At mid-evening I noticed several TA signals which caused me stay up past my usual bedtime.

Trans-Atlantic DX using Tecsun PL-310 with 7.5-inch loopstick:

531 F'kirina ALG, 0234, man & woman talking; 0300, man reading news AA, heard later with Arabic talk & music, very slight QRM: R. Enciclopedia 530.
549 unID (ALG?), 0245, trace of het, still audible at 0433, QRM: KTSA 550.
621 unID (RNE?), 0335, trace of het, QRM: KMKI 620.
738 unID (RNE?), 0435, het, QRM: CFZM & KRMG 740.
855 RNE E, 0314, distorted audio, QRM KKOW 860; 0358, man talking in Spanish, TS at 0400: 0439 pulsing signal fading away at 0444.
909 unID (BBC?), 0303, het.
945 unID (Paris F?), 0339, FF vocal music typical of France Info programming, faded away at 0341.
972 unId (LBY?), 0312, het.
981 unID (ALG?), 0313, het, QRM: KMBZ 980.
1062 unID, (TUR?) 0406, het.
1089 unID (UK?), 0408, het.
1377 unID (probably Lille F), didn't record time a het was audible on barefoot PL-310.

TP activity was practically non-existent this morning, so far the worst since early September.

702 unID, 1224, weak carrier. The signal showed up later than usual.
774 unID (JOUB?), 1158, weak carrier fading in & out, no audio. Faded away about 1243.
828 unID (JOBB?), 1207, weak carrier (het) within lower sideband of stronger than normal WCCO 830. Audible until 1239.
1377 unID, 1220-1222, faint carrier.

Domestic DX using Tecsun PL-360 & 7.5-inch antenna (all re-logs). Other than CKOM 650 (logged on PL-310) all were past sunrise at 1241 UTC.

600 KTBB, Tyler TX, 1323, "The Glenn Beck Show", WX rpt @ 1330(65° outside)
630 KSLR, San Antonio TX, 1316, religious sermon, poor signal.
650 CKOM, Saskatoon SK, 1213, talk & ad for "saskatoon.com", fair strength.
720 KSAH, Universal City TX, 1310, chatter in Spanglish.
840 KTIC, West Point NE, 1303, ABC News, followed by local ads, poor strength.
850 KOA, Denver CO, 1307, conservative "anti-Obama" talk.
870 unID (suspect XETAR), 1250, hablando y la música, repeated "ocho-setenta ay em-meh" ID, poor mixing with WWL.
870 WWL, New Orleans LA, 1259, "The Big 8-70", fair signal well past sunrise.
880 KRVN, Lexington NE, 1308, ad for Case-IH dealer, good strength. I have to admit KRVN is audible around the clock (50kW @ 490km).
1200 WOAI, San Antonio TX, 1335, news, unID QRM.
1570 XERF, Cd. Acuña CO MEX, 1338, hablando, fair signal.
1570 KZLI, Catoosa OK, 1339, poor signal in XERF null, man & woman talking.

Yesterday's unID "oldies" station on 860 kHz yesterday was KONO, San Antonio TX. The ID "Ko No 101 point 1" was heard on replay of recording.

Good DXing everyone.

Richard Allen
36°22'51"N / 97°26'35"W
(near Perry OK USA)

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