St. John's, Newfoundland Morning Dx Session Oct 20/10

Allen Willie

Greetings To All

Listened from 9:00 UTC – 9:50 UTC this morning

The band signals this morning seemed very anemic with not much in the way of distant DX, Only the two Quebec stations were of any decent signal strength early on in the session. The usual big guns were even struggling. Definitely a noticeable difference in signal strength from a week ago atop Signal Hill where the likes of St. Louis, Cleveland and Chicago were heard with much more clarity. Noise level still high at times. All in all rate this one as a poor session this morning.

560 khz –WGAN – Portland,Maine Weatherwatch and Morning News promo,Legal ID
660 khz – WFAN - New York,NY . sports talk,ads
720 khz – KNR Simuitaq, Greenland, Danish or Greenland talk
730 khz – CKAC –Montreal,Quebec , French talk (Strong early)
760 khz - WJR – Detroit,Michigan , talk (very weak)
770 khz - WABC –New York,NY, talk,ads,Legal ID
830 khz – WCRN – Worcester,Mass ,News,Mass Medical Society promo
850 khz – WEEI – Boston,Mass Nissan Ad
880 khz – WCBS – New York,NY , traffic report,Legal ID
1010 khz – WINS – New York,NY (Hint of a Signal)
1030 khz – WBZ – Boston,Mass (very minimal signal)
1150 khz – CHGM – Gaspe,Quebec French talk and music (Strongest station of the session)
1310 khz – WLOB – Portland,Maine, Local Ads
1370 khz – WDEA – Ellsworth,Maine, songs (Weak)
1390 khz – WEGP – Presque Isle,Maine (weak)

Receiver: SRF-M37V w/ Terk Advantage Loop

Good DX

Allen Willie
St. John's, Newfoundland

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