Oklahoma TP's 10-19-10


Propagation favored signals from southerly senders this morning. It was made worse by local thunderstorms. Receivers: Etón E100 (barefoot) and Tecsun PL-310 with 7.5-inch loopstick. Local sunrise was at 1241 UTC.

738 unID, 1200, carrier (het), faded away at 1202. Unable to determine direction due to QRM from KRMG 740 (50kW @ 109km/107°).
774 JOUB, Akita J, 1016, carrier, no audio, fading in and out, finally fading away at 1253.

I'm beginning to think the previously reported signal on 702 kHz is spurious. It was heard again this morning on a northwest/southeast bearing, but seemed too strong to be a TP. It was also still audible after JOUB faded out.

Some other stations re-logged while tuning about the band:
610 XEBX, Sabinas CO MEX, 1208, noticias, hombre, over KCSP QRM.
700 KSEV, Tomball TX, 1229, "The Official Voice of the Tea Party in Texas".
770 WVNN, Athens AL, 1145, local morning chatter & ads, "NewsTalk 7-70 AM".
770 XEACH, Monterrey NL MEX, 1154, noticias, hombre, "Radio Formula Monterrey".

Good DX everyone.

Richard Allen
36°22'51"N / 97°26'35"W
(near Perry OK USA)

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