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John Cereghin <pastor@...>

40 states? I'm only at 36 states overall, with a FRG-7 and longwires
all over! :D

4 more states (to get to 40 overall) are going to be tough from
Delaware. The closest states I have yet to log would be the Dakotas,
Nebraska and Kansas. I have Colorado and Arizona and a tentative log
of Utah from years ago.

It's a funny hobby. I have logged North Dakota and Kansas on FM (via
e-skip) but not on MW! Go figure.

John Cereghin
Smyrna DE

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THANK YOU for uploading your own personal records. You are correct,
of course, that there is no way that most Ultralighters can compete
for World or Western Hemisphere distance records with the few of us
who happen to live in the right spots for the very best trans-oceanic
DX. However, you are even "righter" to give us your personal
records. I've just been explaining Ultralighting to some of my old
mossbacked buddies from SWBC DXing and one of the two major
attributes of this little hobby to me is that fact that each one of
us is really competing with themselves more than anything
else. Getting a new state or a new personal distance record for 1
kilowatt stations is just about as much fun as I have ever had in
radio..... and I also like the way that we all seem to cheer for
each other.... even in the World Record stuff, it seems much more
important that the limits have been pushed out there to xxxx miles
rather than who happened to be at the right place at the right
time. I'm still living in the glow of Dennis Vroom's Barefoot
reception of VOA Thailand on 1575 last April. That was our first
barefoot REALLY long distance catch. Now that I know that he was
standing in the midst of the doggie doo in the "Pet Area" outside the
Grayland Motel to have the best chance to pull in VOA, I like it
even better.

You betcha... personal records are the heart of this thing... along
with the honor system. Despite being an absolutely rabid QSLer
myself (in "normal" DXing), I love the fact that Untralight records,
contests, etc. are run strictly on the honor system and that QSLing
is unimportant in this niche of the hobbies. I think that the honor
system works so well here because we are mostly old enough to figure
out that cheating on these things really only ends up cheating

So, let us all know when you hit 40 states, John.... we'll throw a
heck of a party! In the mean time, looking at your own records,
isn't it time for you to apply to Rob Ross for some more of those
spiffy awards??? :>)

John Bryant

At 05:34 PM 10/14/2008 +0000, you wrote:

There's no way I can match the UL logs that are coming in from the
West Coast, Newfoundland or Europe. But part of the hobby is making
and breaking personal records. I've gone through my UL log and came
up with my personal UL "bests" so far:

TOTAL- 361 stations

FURTHEST 50 KW LOG- 850-KOA Denver CO at 1549 mi/2478 km (domestic- I
have to check for international 50 Kw stations)
FURTHEST 10 KW LOG- 990-WNML Knoxville TN at 506 mi/810 km
FURTHEST 5 KW LOG- 860-CMDB Colon, Cuba at 1188 mi/1901 km
FURTHEST 1 KW LOG- 560-WQAM Miami FL at 972 mi/1555 km
FURTHEST 500W LOG- 540-WWCS Canonsburg PA at 253 mi/405 km
FURTHEST 250W LOG-730-WLIL Lenoir City TN at 534 mi/854 km. Listed
night power is 214 watts- close enough!

FURTHEST OVERALL LOG- 1134-Croatia at 4447 mi/7115 km

John Cereghin
Smyrna DE

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