Re: No filter distortion.


That's kinda my point. You changed the filters and have
no distortion.

So when you say "so once again what's your problem guys!",
I am replying that they might have a problem with the
stock filters.


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Hi. I NEVER said I was getting distortion on FM in fact no such problem, and aligment is spot on.. Mike MBR.

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In FM, bad filters or IF alignment could cause distortion. Since you changed your filters, you might not be experiencing the same problem.

Gary mentions gain resistor and AC coupling cap problems later in this thread. Those could cause problems, but mostly when the volume is cranked up near maximum. If one experiences distortion at lower volume settings, it could be a filter problem.


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Hi All. Well it all comes back to the DE 1103 and I am glad I got it right selection wise first time, in mine the filters have been changed to 80 kHz ones and it still sounds fine on VHF FM band 2 seperation great so what's the problem, on MW BC band I even have DXed on it with a external loop, so once again what's your problem guys!
This radio is fine with me and a keeper. Mike MBE UK.

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