Update of World Distance Records 10 kw and 1 kw barefoot categories

Paul Logan

Hi John,

I had emailed you maybe a week ago with some updates from here but I guess it got lost in the ether - I will post any further updates to the group, I'm having email difficulties with both my addresses being flagged up as spam.

10 kw barefoot category:

1140    WQBA Miami FL    10kw    USA    07:10    16/09/2008    4119 miles    6628 km

and apologies for this one but...

1 kw barefoot category:

1700    KVNS, Brownsville, TX    1    USA    06:12    10/10/2008    4789 miles    7706 km

KVNS surprisingly is the most regular and often loudest X band signal here it was just a matter of time before it made it through barefoot. Logged playing oldies after a yl with id.


Paul Logan,
Lisnaskea, N. Ireland

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We've had a chance to clean up some gaps/goofs, etc. in the overall World Record. Through some faulty communication with Dennis Vroom , I never got the specifics of his record breaking barefoot reception of VOA Thailand from Grayland back in April.  I'd also not yet received the details of Kevin's wonderful barefoot reception of 3LO in Melbourne from the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska last month.  Normally, in "Current Records" I'd only be listing the most recently set distance mark. However, since Dennis was never officially "in the book," I've shown both he and Kevin here as the Current World Record holder.

Mark C.'s recent analysis of record possibilities from the NE USA seem to indicate that both the overall Barefoot and Unlimited marks will stand, at least until next summer's  DU season from the Northwest... unless the South Africans or possibly the DU DXers get involved in Ultralighting. Here's hoping.

Oh, also, my recent reception of the 1 kW relay transmitter of Hokkaido Broadcasting Company, JOTS, Wakkanai, Japan on 1368//1287 was also a record in the 1 kW. category, beating Paul Logan's previous mark by a measly 116 miles. Frankly, I was shocked that the distance wasn't greater. It turns out that the JOTS transmitter is the CLOSEST Japanese MW transmitter to the USA. Wakkanai is on a peninsula that forms the very NW tip of the northern home island, Hokkaido.

Well, here are the current World Records. There have been no changes in the Western Hemisphere records in some time.... and a goodly number of them, especially in the Unlimited Category, are very vulnerable.  Its time to get to work!!! 
John Bryant

World Records
Longest Distance Reception -Worldwide Reception
   11758km/7306 miles Dennis Vroom, Grayland, WA VOA-1575 Ayutthaya,Thailand 4/18/2008 (E100)
   12372 km/7684 miles Kevin Schanilec, Kenai Pen., AK 3LO-774, Melbourne, Australia
                                                                                                                                             9/17//2008 (E100)  
  **13255 km/8230 miles John Bryant, Grayland, WA 5AN-891 Adelaide, SA 5/29/2008 (**E100)   
Longest Distance Reception @ 50 kW. -Worldwide Reception
      12372 km/7684 miles Kevin Schanilec, Kenai Pen., AK 3LO-774, Melbourne, Australia
                                                                                                                                             9/17//2008 (E100)  
   **13255 km/8230 miles John Bryant, Grayland, WA 5AN-891 Adelaide, SA 5/29/2008 (**E100)
Longest Distance Reception @ 10 kW. -Worldwide Reception
      3783 km/2351 miles Paul Logan, Lisnaskea, N. Ireland,  CBI-1140, Sydney NS, 3/24/2008 (Sony SRF-59)           
   **11777 km/7318 miles John Bryant, Grayland, WA Nat.R.-675, Christchurch, NZ 5/30/2008 (**E100)
Longest Distance Reception @ 5 kW. -Worldwide Reception
      9035 km/ 5614 miles Allen Willie, St. John’s, NF  R B. Nuevas-1610, Argentina 2/2/2008 (SRF-37V)
   **11483 km/7135 miles John Bryant, Grayland, WA 4TAB-891 Townsville, QLD 5/29/2008 (**E100)
Longest Distance Reception @ 1 kW. -Worldwide Reception
   6616 km/ 4111 miles Paul Logan, Lisnaskea, N. Ireland, WJCC-1700 Miami Springs FL
                                                                                                                                    04/06/2008 (SRF-59)
   **6802 km/4227 miles John Bryant, Grayland, WA, JOTS-1368  Wakkanai, Japan 10/8/2008 (**E100)
Longest Distance Reception @ 500 W. -Worldwide Reception
      1437 km/893 miles Kevin Schanilec, Bainbridge Is. WA, KLSQ, Whitney, NV 1/23/2008 (SRF-39FP)
   **1099km/683 miles John Bryant, Stillwater, OK, XEMF-780, Monclova, CO, MX 2/8/2008 (SRF-T516**)
Longest Distance Reception @ 250 W. -Worldwide Reception
   1540 km/957 miles John Callarman, Krum, TX, XEUACH-1610 Chapingo,TE, MX 1/6/2008 (SRF-37V) 
   **1609 km/1000 miles John Bryant, Stillwater, OK, XETI-750, Tempoal VC, MX 2/9/2008 (SRF-T615**)     

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