Personal UL Records

John Cereghin <pastor@...>

There's no way I can match the UL logs that are coming in from the
West Coast, Newfoundland or Europe. But part of the hobby is making
and breaking personal records. I've gone through my UL log and came
up with my personal UL "bests" so far:

TOTAL- 361 stations

FURTHEST 50 KW LOG- 850-KOA Denver CO at 1549 mi/2478 km (domestic- I
have to check for international 50 Kw stations)
FURTHEST 10 KW LOG- 990-WNML Knoxville TN at 506 mi/810 km
FURTHEST 5 KW LOG- 860-CMDB Colon, Cuba at 1188 mi/1901 km
FURTHEST 1 KW LOG- 560-WQAM Miami FL at 972 mi/1555 km
FURTHEST 500W LOG- 540-WWCS Canonsburg PA at 253 mi/405 km
FURTHEST 250W LOG-730-WLIL Lenoir City TN at 534 mi/854 km. Listed
night power is 214 watts- close enough!

FURTHEST OVERALL LOG- 1134-Croatia at 4447 mi/7115 km

John Cereghin
Smyrna DE

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