Re: loggings and congrats

Russ Edmunds <wb2bjh@...>

--- Allen Willie <> wrote:

First of all congratulations to Paul Logan for accomplishing his
goal. Wishing you many more Paul ! Great !!

Heard last night on the SRF-M37V barefoot It seemed to be strong
Middle East propagation early on
as follows:

March 29/08

22:16 UTC 1053 khz - LIBYA , LJB Tripoli w/ arabic music and chants ;


22:33 UTC 1550 khz - ALGERIA , R. Nacional de la RASD , tindouf w/
arabic commentary , mentions of Sahare , song vocals ; fair

22:37 UTC 1044 khz - MOROCCO , RTM 1 Sebaa-Aouin w/ fast paced arabic

chants with music ; good

What can be received sitting out there with very few locals is amazing.
It is further evidence as to why some EC and even midwestern US DX'ers
trek to Newfoundland for DXpeditions !

Russ Edmunds
Blue Bell, PA ( 360' ASL )
[15 mi NNW of Philadelphia]
40:08:45N; 75:16:04W, Grid FN20id
FM: Yamaha T-80 & Onkyo T-450RDS w/ APS9B @15'
AM: Hammarlund HQ-150 & 4' FET air core loop

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