Re: 300-in-30 Days Challenge Day 4- Two new UL countries!

John Cereghin <pastor@...>

For domestic stations, I always go to first.

For Latin DX,, but I don't
know how recent it is.

For European DX,

Since I'm on the East Coast, I have little experience with
Asian/Pacific station lists! :D

John Cereghin
Smyrna DE

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Pardon the naive newbee question, but . . .
How do you folks figure out what station is on what frequency? Is
there some master list of commercial broadcast stations and
frequencies somewhere?

James A. (Andy) Moorer

TA conditions were good on Sunday night with Spain, the Canaries,
England and France being reported. I couldn't get England-1215 or
France-1377 but Spain and the Canary Islands were in on the DT-200VX,
plus Mexico.

15 new stations for the challenge were added on Sunday,plus 3 new UL
logs, 2 new stations for the overall log and 2 new UL countries. The
highlights included (all on the DT-200 VX barefoot):

1. RNE- Canary Islands on 621. New country overall! My 10th UL
country and my 25th MW country overall

2. RNE- Spain on 729 mixing it up with Mexico on 730. A new UL
country, number 9.

3. XEX- Mexico City on 730- a re-log but always nice to hear them,
with lots of mentions of Ciudad Victoria, probably with a soccer

4. WLIL-Lenoir City TN was also in on 730. They occasionally show up
at night, even with their listed night power of 214 watts.

Current totals after 4 days are 195 stations for the challenge and 5

John Cereghin
Smyrna DE

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