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terribly wet

I find myself in a total state of confusion as to recording.

I find myself liking to record 'radio sessions'.

If much of that is DX style 'digging things out of the dirt' what is the recording supposed to sound like ? A professional music mp3 on sale ?

Ridicule over recordings that don't sound perfection.

By theory 'editing' can improve quality. By theory 'editing' could totally re-create something. How much does one want to alter something ?

I've thought :::::::::::::::::

If editing can make a recording of 1450 khz with dozens of stations battling it out perfection and narrowing it down to the one station at 'perfection' ? It would make a good 'patent' ? Build it into receivers.

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I also found a bargain Voice Recorder, but limited to WMA file format. A firmware download will allow mp3 HQ recordings.

The recorder is an Olympus GS-500M model on sale from $140 to $70. It has an Ext. Mike jack and USB to PC cable for file transfer. Don't know how ong these will last.

Paul S. in CT

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I noticed that in today's Staple ad, they have all Olympus recorders on sale with 10% off....

Me? I have a RCA which I purchased at Walmart -- And I like it!

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Hi All,

Many people here record their DX catches, and it's great stuff. I was wondering what you all are using to do that?

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