300-in-30 Days Challenge Day 4- Two new UL countries!

John Cereghin <pastor@...>

TA conditions were good on Sunday night with Spain, the Canaries,
England and France being reported. I couldn't get England-1215 or
France-1377 but Spain and the Canary Islands were in on the DT-200VX,
plus Mexico.

15 new stations for the challenge were added on Sunday,plus 3 new UL
logs, 2 new stations for the overall log and 2 new UL countries. The
highlights included (all on the DT-200 VX barefoot):

1. RNE- Canary Islands on 621. New country overall! My 10th UL
country and my 25th MW country overall

2. RNE- Spain on 729 mixing it up with Mexico on 730. A new UL
country, number 9.

3. XEX- Mexico City on 730- a re-log but always nice to hear them,
with lots of mentions of Ciudad Victoria, probably with a soccer program.

4. WLIL-Lenoir City TN was also in on 730. They occasionally show up
at night, even with their listed night power of 214 watts.

Current totals after 4 days are 195 stations for the challenge and 5

John Cereghin
Smyrna DE

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