Re: Submission for New Barefoot UL world record!

Gary DeBock

Hello Mark,
     Thanks for the very detailed list of distance record possibilities, from the east coast.
     From the west coast, it may be tough to beat 5AN-891 in Adelaide, Australia (8,230 miles, or 13,255 km, from Grayland) once somebody receives it for a decent stock Ultralight logging.  Both John and I received it easily with modified E100's, and it produced audio traces on a stock SRF-T615, but nothing substantial enough to be considered a logging.  Kevin's logging of 3LO-774 (Melbourne, Australia) from Seward, Alaska (7,684 miles, or 12,372 km) beat out multiple stock Ultralight loggings of VOA-1575 (Thailand) from Grayland. 
     I suppose the ultimate challenge for both coasts will be India, or the nearby islands.  Tiny stock loopsticks will need a lot of propagation help, for a miracle like that to happen.
     73,  Gary      

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