Re: What is this ?

terribly wet

Hey..thanks everybody...

I would like to rehab mine.

It seems like the thing could be reproduced if somebody took the time and attention.

BUT--mystery parts ?? Values of the ferrite bars ?

The pre-amp. Sure could use a schematic as to parts and circuit.

I don't think I used mine much before it got 'packed away' for a long time. All I remember it was good for nulling local ground wave. --and the thing is not that big....(convenience)

Maybe there is some reference to such as mentioned..back copies, etc. Ferrite Bars, pre-amp....wood....It would be nice to even know the values of the coils.(I mean electrical values)

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Looking through some old publications here I came across the "Ferrite Loop Antenna Instructions" that accompanied the Radio West MW1. Their address was 3417 Purer Road, Escondido CA 92505.

Someone at Radio West had written across the top "Do Not twist output cable to remove it from 'OUP' jack on preamp, lead inside will break." This maybe why mine isn't working. It also has the precaution "This is an instrument. Treat it gently."

It also states: "To use the loop on any communications receiver, first disconnect any other antennas that feed the set. The RADIO WEST ferrite loop will not operate properly with other antennas connected. The loop is designed to operate into a single-ended unbalanced antenna input....."

"A Dxer's Technical Guide" published by the IRCA in 1980 makes mention of the antenna. The MW1 sold for $100, "and the optional coils are LW, $10, SW, $8". It further says "for a more thorough comparison of the SM-2 and MW-1, see Mark Connelly's 'A DX Evaluation of the MW-1 vs. the SM-2 ferrite loop antenna" in the technical column in DX Monitor of 19 May 1979. I'm certain that issue is boxed away somewhere in my attic.

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