possible new one in absence of semi-local

Carl DeWhitt

This morning I logged what I think was a new one.
Usually semi-local WBCR(Alcoa,Tn) dominates 1470 with a station being heard underneath after sundown which I have not been able to i.d.
This morning WBCR was missing from the frequency which is odd because I think they are 24/7.Here is what I heard in their place.
WRGA 1470 Rome,Ga 0737-0752 EDT 9.28.10 Heard with local wx,Mike Huckabee Report and "News Talk 1470 ,WRGA and online at wrgaromeonline.com"poor-fair.Heard on Kaito WRX911 barefoot.Another station was heard underneath playing what I believe was country mx.But I could not get a null on WRGA enough to get anything on this one.It pays to check the frequencies of your locals and semi-locals from time to time to see if they are off the air for some reason as WBCR was this morning.
I will be checking 1470 again tonight and in the morning.
Carl DeWhitt

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