loggings and congrats

Allen Willie

First of all congratulations to Paul Logan for accomplishing his
goal. Wishing you many more Paul ! Great !!

Heard last night on the SRF-M37V barefoot It seemed to be strong
Middle East propagation early on
as follows:

March 29/08

22:16 UTC 1053 khz - LIBYA , LJB Tripoli w/ arabic music and chants ;

22:33 UTC 1550 khz - ALGERIA , R. Nacional de la RASD , tindouf w/
arabic commentary , mentions of Sahare , song vocals ; fair

22:37 UTC 1044 khz - MOROCCO , RTM 1 Sebaa-Aouin w/ fast paced arabic
chants with music ; good

I've been alternating my different ultralights used the past few
evenings for loggings each night to give our group and also
prospective buyers and newcomers to the ultralights , an idea of just
what each of these gems can receive from here in Newfoundland


Allen Willie VO1-001-SWL
St. John's, Newfoundland

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