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Gary Kinsman

Hello all,

I still have one and still use it. It's called a Radio West Loop. It has a 22" ferrite bar, and has more gain than my Quantum QX Pro Loop (15" ferrite bar), but the Quantum has better nulls.


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I had one of those!  It was made by Radio West and I believe they were in northern San Diego County, CA.
Bob Coomler
Tucson, AZ

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I found this around here amongst my old junk. (link)

I recall it worked quite well.

I only found what is seen in picture.

The ferrite rods if I remember were super-glued together. One section has broken off.

I recall it had a variety of coils for VLF up to HF areas. The only one that remains I think was the MW one. (I seem to remember using that last)

It has an amp section and had a line to feed a receivers antenna jack.

I would like to bring this back from the dead.

Does anybody recall who made it and sold it ??

Specifications ?

I hate to do a complete 'Crime Scene Investigation' of the unit. (I am referring to the TV show where they take everything apart and figure it out)(no crimes involved)

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