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Paul Logan

Hi all,

first off thanks to those who congratulated me on what I realise now was a presumptuous claim for a new record! Im still thrilled at this, my best barefoot log so far (and new dx country) but thanks to the updated info from Gary I'm going to have to start trying to hear Chile or southern Argentina!.

Insane logging of Thailand from Grayland! didnt realise it had been done barefoot.

As far as east Asian reception in Europe goes - It does happen but usually aided by beverages / large loops and prime Scandanavian locations ( Those guys seem to hear everything that moves on the planet - for instance Japanese, Hawaiian or South Pacific logs are not that rare up there!)

I've heard WYFR a few times on a Sony portable but reception with a 1.75 inch ferrite rod is just crazy.

As for poor landlocked Ultralighters as mentioned by Robert you guys seem to do ok!. Im about 35 miles inland in a valley in a horrendously rf noisy area, I dream about a cottage in Donegal festooned with antennas....

A few new ones last night, one remarkable one that had eluded me until now was Tunisia on 630 a big signal which seems to be on irregularly. This is Barefoot UL country 63 for me. Heres what was heard:

1557 WYFR Kouhu, Taiwan om in US rlg talk 300 Taiwan 19:11 10/10/2008
1098 BSKSA 2 Dammam, parallel found on satellite @ 26 east 5 Saudi Arabia 20:30 10/10/2008
1197 Absolute Radio, namechange from Virgin radio various sites 2 England 22:07 10/10/2008
1215 COPE various sites ( must try to get local id's here) 5 Spain 22:14 10/10/2008
1269 COPE various sites ( must try to get local id's here 10 Spain 22:18 10/10/2008
1557 Gold, Kings Heath, Northamptonshire, local ad for Brazilian restaurant among oldies 0.76 England 22:27 10/10/2008
558 Spectrum Radio, Crystal Palace, London, Farsi programme 1 England 22:50 10/10/2008
630 National Channel, Tunis yl talk / music // satellite 16 east 600 Tunisia 23:17 10/10/2008

Im now on 402 barefoot with another 32 aided by loops, will try to pick a few of those off barefoot if the low solar numbers continue.

Boy this getting to 500 business is seriously hard!

regards and good dx to all

Paul Logan,
Lisnaskea, N. Ireland

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