Re: Submission for New Barefoot UL world record!

Gary DeBock

Hello Paul,
     Congratulations on your outstanding reception of WYFR-1557 in Kouhu, Taiwan.  That certainly is an astonishing reception for an Ultralight, and the first time I've ever heard of a European DXer logging an east Asian.   You should be extremely happy, and justifiably so.
     I feel very reluctant to mention this, but in the competition for the all-time Ultralight barefoot world distance record, there have been three TP DXers (John Bryant, Dennis Vroom and myself) that have received VOA-1575 in Ban Rasom, Thailand, while DXing from Grayland, Washington with a stock Ultralight radio.  Dennis Vroom was the first to do it in the spring with an SRF-39FP, I was able to do it with both an SRF-T615 and DT-400W (an mp3 is posted in the Ultralightdx file area), and John Bryant just did it this week at Grayland with his SRF-T615.  These receptions all occurred at the Grayland Motel, a famous Washington state DXpedition site, and all were for a reception at a distance of 11,721 km, or 7,283 miles.  We just didn't update the record list yet to reflect this, and I'm very sorry for this oversight. 
      Once again, congratulations on your outstanding logging, which in my own humble opinion, is far more impressive than the routine loggings of VOA-1575 at Grayland.  Perhaps the distance advantages that TP DXers enjoy is some minor compensation for our severe lack of possible DX countries, as compared to those DXers in Europe, and the East Coast of North America  :>)
     73,  Gary DeBock   

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