Oklahoma TP's 9-20-10


Good morning:

This morning was almost a repeat of yesterday with audible signals from JOAK 594, JOAB 693 and JOUB 774 a few minutes before 1216 UTC sunrise. JOAB and JOUB were heard broadcasting an English language lesson at 1206 and 1208 respectively. JOAK was fair with a man speaking rapidly up to 1216 then the signal faded away suddenly.

A few hets were also noted:
648 het in slop from CKOM and XETNT 650 at 1158.
702 heard at 1212.
828 probably JOBB at 1210
972 probably HLCA from 1118 until 1220, very strong at times, but only audio heard was from WDAY 970.

I hope you were able to hear a TP this morning. Have a good day.


Richard Allen
36°22'51"N / 97°26'35"W
(near Perry OK USA)

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