Re: Puyallup, WA Ultralight TP's for 9-19

Gary DeBock

HI Richard--
You really are doing great-- those TP frequencies weren't all that strong on the west coast yesterday morning.
You certainly have been getting great TP "mileage" from your PL-310 + 7.5" loopstick combo, and with the new season just starting to provide its best Asiatic propagation, you should have a lot more excitement in store. Hopefully others will join you (and me) in the peak season TP bonanza!
73, Gary    
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I'd not planned to DX this morning, but awoke early enough to hear a few TP signals. While nothing spectacular was heard it was as always a thrill to hear medium wave signals from the Orient. All were logged using a PL-310 and 7.5" loop stick.

594 JOAK, Tokyo J, fair, readable audio at 1203 UTC, fading away at 1211. The first JOAK audio this season.
648 Unid., slight het noted at 1210 and 1212.
693 JOAB, Tokyo J, fair, readable audio in KGGF and Unid. 690 splash at 1206-1210. The first time this season.
774 JOUB, Akita J, fair, readable at 1208-1214, fading away afterward (local sunrise 1215).
828 Presumed JOBB, slight het at 1214.
972 Presumed HLCA, very strong hat 1144.

I checked 567, 657, 666, 747, 1053, 1134 and 1566 several times hearing nothing.

I'm sure any listener west of the Mississippi River could have heard JOAK, JOAB and JOUB this morning. They were also audible on a barefoot PL-310. The only difficult part of hearing TP's is getting out of bed when you're awaken by the alarm clock!

Good DX everyone.


Richard Allen
36°22'51"N / 97°26'35"W
(near Perry OK USA)

--- In ultralightdx@..., D1028Gary@... wrote:
> Hello All,
> It was another China morning here, with moderate signals showing up on
> various new frequencies like 684 and 1044 kHz. There were no dramatic fade-ins
> (like yesterday's 657-China) and signals in general were not at yesterday's
> strong levels, but the morning was another indication of shifting
> propagation bringing more Chinese areas into play. The Japanese and Korean stations
> seemed a little down in strength compared to previous days, though, and
> "big gun" TP audio didn't sound very big this morning.
> Rare decent audio on 684 kHz was observed here for the first time this
> season around 1330 (apparent Chinese), and CRI on 1044 kHz had its best signal
> of the season so far with its Japanese language program around 1335. The
> CNR1 stations on 639 and 756 had their best audio so far, and 927 and 936
> kHz took turns producing fair audio. In comparison to these, audio from the
> other typically strong Asians on 603, 648, 657, 666, 675 and 738 was off in
> strength a little, and the NHK stations weren't especially vibrant.
> One interesting find around 1325 was a strong, ragged carrier on 702 kHz (a
> frequency with severe 710-Seattle splatter here), which sounded like a
> typical (rickety) North Korean transmitter. No TP has ever been logged on 702
> (or 711) here because of the oppressive KIRO splatter, but the 702 kHz
> signal disappeared right after the huge 9' loop was wrestled around in an
> optimistic attempt to null KIRO (easier said than done :-) It's great to have
> Walt's TP reports back from Masset-- a location in a completely different
> Asiatic propagation league than Puyallup!
> The following were received on a C.Crane SWP Slider model (7.5" loopstick)
> inductively coupled to a 9' sided PVC tuned passive loop in the back yard:
> 594 JOAK Tokyo, Japan Fair-good with Japanese conversation around 1312
> 603 TP-Mix UnID Chinese station having the edge over HLSA Korean at 1308
> 639 CNR1 (Many stations in China) Fair-good Chinese speech and music,
> 1338
> 648 VOR Razdolnoye, Russia Chinese program at fair strength w/ fades,
> 1321
> 657 Pyongyang BS, N. Korea All alone this morning but usually at fair
> strength
> 666 JOBK Osaka, Japan In and out with Japanese speech at anemic strength
> 675 VOV Hanoi, Vietnam Fair Vietnamese signals in 680 splatter, 1318
> 684 UnID Fair Chinese speech fading in suddenly around 1337; first Asian
> audio
> heard on this frequency since last season, but no ID clues
> 702 UnID Strong ragged carrier presumed from NK, but too much KIRO
> splatter
> at 1325 to dig out the funky audio
> 738 BEL2 Penghu, Taiwan Fair Chinese speech over a presumed HKLG in
> this typical September mix
> 747 JOIB Sapporo, Japan Fair-good signals no match for KXL splatter at
> 1323
> 756 CNR1 China Fair-good Chinese program at 1335, best sigs of season so
> far
> 774 JOUB Akita, Japan NHK2 program barely audible in severe KTTH slop,
> 1311
> 783 UnID Threshold audio (apparently Chinese) showing up on this
> frequency
> 891 TP-Mix An anonymous collection of weak TP stations drowning each
> other out
> 927 China (presumed) Weak to fair Chinese program fading in and out
> repeatedly
> 936 China (presumed) Slightly stronger than 927 with Chinese speech at
> 1318
> 972 HLCA Dangjin, S. Korea Weaker than usual with Korean program at 1337
> 1035 China (presumed) Fair-good Chinese speech and music for most of
> morning
> 1044 CRI Jiangsu, China Good signals (best of season) with Japanese
> language
> external program at 1335
> 1053 Korean Jammer Not as vibrant as usual this morning, but no TP
> co-channels
> 1134 TP-Mix A typical snarl of JOQR and KBS at good strength around 1338
> 1377 China (presumed) In and out with poor to fair audio for most of
> morning
> 1566 HLAZ Jeju, S. Korea Good strength with Japanese religious program
> at 1306
> 1575 VOA Ban Rassom, Thailand Fair Asiatic language audio around 1302
> 1593 China (presumed) Threshold audio with deep fades for most of
> morning
> 73 and Good DX,
> Gary DeBock

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