Submission for New Barefoot UL world record!

Paul Logan

Hi all,

nailed it at last!

1557 WYFR Kouhu,Taiwan. US OM in religious talk 1911 utc 10/10/08

Had seen reports of good east Asian reception via the MWC this afternoon so thought I'd try for this one which I've heard a few times in the past on other set ups.

First hint of success was at 1858 utc hearing a yl in Chinese. Was being careful as Lithuania carries China Radio International on this freq ( although at this time they are listed as being in Russian).

Finally at 1911 with my UL in the palm of my hand standing beside the window looking out at a very wet Irish autumn night and an American voice fades up with religious talk! Was dominant for about 20 seconds before sliding back under France. Ferrite bearing was right for Taiwan.

The timings of the English and Chinese fit the WYFR schedule at

So I respectfully submit this catch as a new Barefoot world record with reception distance being 6264 miles / 10081 km.

I'm thrilled especially since I had thought I had this one some time back only to be dashed with the realisation that Lithuania also carried Chinese here.

I cant see me bettering this one for a while!.

regards and good dx to all,

Paul Logan,
Lisnaskea, N. Ireland

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