Re: Tecsun PL-210 Red


I don't see any indication that this is a DSP receiver.
None of the logos on the radio indicate DSP as opposed
to previous Tecsun radios. The temperature readout on
PL-3xx radios is NOT related to the DSP chip at all.
And the Si4734 chips cannot be described as "dual-conversion".

On the other hand, the Anon-co EBay ads list the display
information as giving RSSI and SNR readings, which could
indicate DSP functions. Can anyone confirm if these
displays are present? I suspect this is just a cut-n-paste
typo in the ads.


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So you are saying that the PL-210 does indeed have the DSP chip? This would account for the temperature readout function on the 210 if this is true.

Dave K9DV

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I did not get my radio from Anon. The tones are hit and miss...random in terms of frequency and intensity, but the designers are well aware of them and have revealed to me that they are aware the tones are interference comign directly from the DSP chip. As I said the severity and frequency of such tones will vary randomly from sample to sample. If you tune around on AM a bit more, especially in the daytime, I guarantee you they will be there.

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