New E100

John <john445@...>

Hello all:

I received a new Eton E100 this afternoon and had a little time to
give it a whirl this evening. I started with AM in the early 60's and
spent many years as a SWL. I have a ICOM R75, but now in a condo and
not doing well concerning a decent antenna. I happened to find out
about Ultralight DX which sounds exciting. I am not sure of the
protocol here, but here are my first five stations heard.

720 khz - WGN Chicago, IL 10/9/08 1605 UTC Afternoon talk show, many
ID's. E100 barefoot (1)

890 khz - WLS Chicago, IL 10/9/08 1610 UTC Afternoon talk show, many
ID's E100. barefoot (2)

780 khz - WBBM Chicago, IL 10/9/08 1616 UTC Traffic and weather on the
8's, many ID's. E100 barefoot (3)

740 khz - CFZM Tronoto, ON 10/10/08 0111 UTC Zoomer Radio, mx,
"Memphis to Mobile", Best of the Best 740. E100 barefoot (4)

1650 khz - KCNZ Cedar Falls, IA 10/10/08 0142 UTC Fox Sport Radio,
during break mention of University of Northern Iowa. E100 barefoot (5)

John - Madison, WI

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